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Welcome to the Plantasia website. You can find all you need to grow right here for all your plant growing endeavours. From plant nutrients, stimulators and boosters to the latest growing equipment, hydroponic growing systems, grow lights and environment control. We’ve been supplying our customers with top quality products for 23 years form our working plant nursery located in Piddington, Bicester, Oxfordshire. Located right on the Oxfordshire / Buckinghamshire border, the shop features product displays, a working 8m x 4m grow-room, grow tent displays and all the latest grow gear. During the summer months you can take a look around our 525sqm commercial greenhouse to see even more product displays and demonstrations.
Take a look at what’s growing this season in the Greenhouse section of the website and keep up to date with what is going on in the greenhouse via the regular blog posts in the Plantasia blog section. There you will also see regular product reviews, news and plant care topics and you can see lots of greenhouse and plant pictures in our fantastic gallery section. Feel free to contact us any time for plant care advice, product finding, hobby or commercial growing advice.

Oxfordshire Chilli Farm

blood orange bhutWe love chillies here at Plantasia. We grow chillies, breed chillies, dry chillies, eat chillies (some of them), sell chilli seeds, write, talk and consult about chillies, get on our hands and knees with chillies, stand around staring at chillies and quite often dream about them too. You can find out more and follow our chilli fascination at the Oxfordshire Chilli Farm section. Follow our chilli crops growing each season via our dedicated Chilli Update blog and Greenhouse Update blog, gaze at our gallery of gorgeous pod and have a sneaky-peaky at our very own developing BV chilli varieties. Our vast product knowledge and horticultural expertise are put into regular practice in our own greenhouse so we have a unique advantage when it comes to offering advice and products for your growing needs. We have lots of chilli info in this section to help with your chilli growing efforts, details of over 50 varieties of chilli and sweet peppers, chilli growing product section dedicated to the growing of your favourite capsicums, news and upcoming chilli related events. It's the hot spot where your currently not – so get over there and take a look!

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Products & Shopping

shopping bagAt Plantasia you can find all you need to grow in store and on our website. We are not a discount store and only supply quality products at reasonable prices. For deals, sale items, clearance stock and promotional offers visit our ebay shop. The online shopping centre has five themed shops areas – Horticultural plant grow lights, Indoor Growroom & Greenhouse, Allotment and garden, Specialist Plant Care, Plants and Seeds. We supply all forms of plant lighting that can have many applications including propagation and early starting T5 Fluorescent, CFL and PLL Fluorescents and propagation TLED, the amazing full spectrum daylight 315w CDM lights, 150w – 100w Sodium HPS lights, 240v and 400v systems including Gavita and Dimlux. LED units from KIND, Budmaster and SpectrumKing. In the Indoor, Growroom & Greenhouse shop you will find everything for your controlled environment, Irrigation systems, pipe and Fittings. Hydroponic growing systems, propagation equipment, pots and trays, growing mediums, soils, nutrients, plant boosters, plant protection, ventilation management, pH and EC meters, and so much more. Specialist Plant Care is where you will find products dedicated to particular plant groups such as Orchid growing, Bonsai, Chilli growing, Giant Vegetable Growing.

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